Friday, 14 September 2018

Me & You Legacy Keeper Photo Album Tutorial - Edna Taylor

Hi again. I've been asked how I made this little photo album using the Legacy Keeper die set.
First of all here is the completed album with spaces to slide in four of your precious pics and two outer panels to jot down the story behind the photos.

The album folds in from both sides and joins in the centre.
You can decorate it in your own style of course and have a lot of fun making it. 
It would be a lovely keepsake for grandparents, a brag book, a special place to hold fond memories, just whatever you would like.

Photo Album Tutorial

There are quite a few pics so I hope you can follow what I've done.

First of all cut two of the legacy dies in your chosen card stock

Take off the top tabs as shown and cut windows into the four bottom tabs using the small scallop edge die from the set

Prepare a construction strip 1/2" x 4" and score lengthwise. Add tape as seen. This will hold both the sections together and elongate your album.

Cut four frames in your chosen card stock using the two scallop edge dies from the set.
Be careful when cutting them together and tape down well to prevent them moving as you cut.

This is probably not the most interesting pic you have ever seen but is one of the acetate windows for your album cut using the larger of the two scallop edge dies.
As a means of cutting acetate cleanly, sandwich the acetate and die between two layers of copy paper and it will cut without too much effort. I used a fine acetate for my windows and not a construction acetate. 

Adhere some fine red liner tape round the frame opening on the back as near to the scallop edge as possible.

Pop the acetate into place. To help position it only remove one piece of the liner to get you started. Once you are happy with the placement you can go ahead and remove the rest.

Only place red liner tape on two sides on top of the acetate as you want to leave a space at the top to slip in your photo later.

All set to glue in place.
Line up the windows carefully so that you can fold your album easily later on.

A piece of the cut out card to show where you pic will go.

Adhere your frames in place

The sides will fold in and meet in the middle as seen.

For the back cut a piece of card stock to fit and layer with paper of your choice for stability and to prevent the album bending on the fold. 
If you want to use ribbon as a closure make sure to stick it in place before adding your mat and layer.
Decorate as desired to finish.

Hope you have fun and share your makes on our Tonic FB page! 

Edna x 

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