Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pretty Handbags - Victoria Dalziel

Good morning everyone , well I was going through all my photos and launches coming up and a couple of the new bags from Tonic Studios slipped past me so here they are.

Materials used :-
Blue bell Trellis bag die set
Navy craft- perfect card stock
Ivory craft -perfect card stock
Gold mirror -Craft perfect
Kraft card- craft perfect
Everything on this bag is from the die set nothing extra has been added and thats what i love about these die sets if your staring out with your journey with Tonic & die cutting you have everything you need in this set to make a stunning gift bag. 
Materials used :-
Lattice Lily Pillow box bag
Chocolate craft perfect
Decorative papers 
Craft perfect- Ivory
Craft perfect- Gold mirror card

To create just a plain pillow bag you will need to trim off the handles but keep both the glue table at the bottom of both die cuts these will hold your pillow box together just to give you more choice. For this pillow box I went with patterned papers and a vellum wrap.

Materials needed :-
Lattice Lily pillow box die set 
Cream card stock 240gsm
Patterned papers
Pink -craft perfect 
This is with the handle in place as a full pillow box,you will need to trim off one of the glue tabs at the bottom , the glue tab at the bottom and the top half of the bag have been glued together with wet glue left to dry and decorated flat as it's much easier and then once dry you can flip in the side pieces making sure the decorated edge is to the outside of the bag, the bow was then put in place using a hot glue gun.

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