Thursday, 8 February 2018

Treasured Memories - Victoria Dalziel

Good evening everyone , Sharing a brand new launch from Tonic Studios , join Jodie at 10am on Hochanda for the fabulous memory Book Maker die sets these are fantastic dies for your album and card making so easy to make and great fun to decorate .below I will share some photos of step by step of how I put together the largest album in the set with 6 pages now it's up to you how large you want the album or how many pages you want so the spine is left completely up to you to accommodate your pages, so let's begin.

This is the largest die set for the albums decorated with all Tonic Studio die set with a love theme and with papers from my stash all card stock used to decorate is craft perfect Bright White and Raspberry and also craft perfect gold mirror card. The base of the album and pages are made from white 300gsm card stock.

This is the cover of the album you need 4 of these two for the outside and then two for the inside to cover up the join of the spine, this is optional I just like it neat on both sides

Now for this album I have cut 6 pages the pages to the album only cut to 3 sides so make sure you cut them with a length of card at the none cut end as you will need to place a couple of score lines now the best way to do this is line the inside page up to the outer cover then on the edge of the album cover place your first score line , then put a second score line in at 1/2" and then trim the excess card off ,you need to do this on all your pages .

As you can see here the score lines are in place and the excess card removed.

This is the spine this depends on how many pages you wish to put into your album for this album the card for the spine measures 5 1/8" x 4 1/2" this has a 1" score line each edge which gives you a spine measuring 2 1/2" 

These are the two outside covers attached to the spine

Now this is the inside finished off by covering the hinge marks by adding an extra layer of the covers this also adds strength to your album as they do get weighty with all the embellishments.

These are what your two pages will look like once your score lines are in place .

The 1/2" tabs glue one on top of the other so you now have 2x pages stuck together with a spine.

This is what 2x pages look like glued together ready to glue into your album try and space them 1/4" apart this gives you room to embellish your pages. 

Now glue the pages to your spine using Nuvo deluxe Adhesive

This is the first page glued in place and it all lines up just perfectly.

Now you can see 6x pages stuck to the 2 1/2" spine allowing a 1/4" inch spacing inbetween 2x pages.

Now it's time to decorate and have fun

The blank spaces are where I would add a photo

Add little messages on your tags or a special location that means a lot to the person you have made it for to treasure special moments that won't get forgotten.

As you can see the albums were decorated with Tonic Studios dies from Wills Hand to kit 5 Flowers and sweet nothings die sets using tags and mini envelope to add cute little messages .
This could be an album of when you first met or the love of your family but so many ideas the list is endless but a real keepsake to be treasured for many yrs to come.
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  1. Fab tutorial - this is so clear and concise- I understand perfectly now! xx