Friday, 17 November 2017

Autumnal Altered Clock - Jennifer Kray

Hello and happy Friday! I wasn't going to post this project as I had so many problems along the way. Whilst filming the video tutorial my tripod snapped and broke, sending my brand new Samsung S8 Edge phone tumbling down on my glass mat, effectively ending my video tutorial and breaking my phone. I felt so dejected the tutorial never happened and ended up throwing my project in my wardrobe. 

Whilst editing some photos recently, I came across part of the videos I started and some photo's I took of my altered clock - what the heck, let's blog it! 

Materials Used:
Stamps, Craft Perfect Paper, Dies, Indian Gold Embellishment Mousse, Woodland Aqua Flow Pens all from Craft Kit 01
Hot Glue Gun
White Gesso
Texture PasteStainless Steel Assemblage Clock

The Assemblage Clock

After taking the clock apart, I covered it with a few coats of gesso. Once dry I then added texture paste over the whole clock to give it a very rough appearance. And finally I covered it with Nuvo Embellishment Mousse, Indian Gold from the Craft Kit 01. I indulged and then also added Fresh Copper and Cosmic Brown. I just adore the texture and colours here - they look amazing with the naked eye.

You can see all the amazing texture created. 

You can see that I dry brushed some Gesso over the clock - just a tiny amount here and there. 

Here is the back panel which you can pull off if you're careful when paining to not cover the lip.

I say this a lot but I'm so impressed with the Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - it's absolutely amazing

Assembling the Project

Die cut the leaves with the craft perfect paper in the kit (Fern Green and Copper) as well as the wreath but only use the leaves. 7
Stamp the large leaf image, the hedgehog and hat onto Super Smooth Card and then used the matching dies to cut out. 
Colour images with your Aqua Flow Pens from the kit or any pens you have. 
Assemble the leaves and stamped images inside your clock with a hot glue gun. 
It's hard to get the light inside but you can see all the layers and Fernando - the little hedgehog in his leafy den. 
Fernando looks well happy in his Autumnal bed of leaves. This may be a perfect spot for him to hibernate during the winter months.

You can see how well the colours blend together and look at the sweet little face! Isn't he adorable?!

I went for a bolder, darker Autumnal feel as this is meant to be a little den for Fernando and so isn't catching the light.
Fernando can be a little shy so it looks as if he's hiding from all of us.

A photo of the finished project

And here is a very short shot of the finished project. Gives you an idea of the size, which is just like a normal clock. 

And that's it from me today although I'll be back on Sunday with another fun project. 

Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx

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