Friday, 4 August 2017

Remembering Rejkjavik - Nicky Gilburt

I took a trip down memory lane when I received these amazing Tudor Town dies from Tonic Studios. As well as making Tudor houses, as they were intended, I saw something else too, I decided to recreate a scene from our fabulous holiday last year to Reykjavik and Iceland. 

We were struck by the beauty of the coloured houses, both in the city and in the surrounding villages, and they really encapsulated the scandi style. There was no limit with colour, so I got playing with my brightly coloured Craft Perfect card, the Toy Emporium die set, a lot of Christmas trees and a bit of white tissue paper...

All of the houses were created with the very same set of dies, I changed the shape of the windows by snipping the bay window frame and even put some skylights in too. The key to these houses was cutting all the features in white, and putting black card behind them. They were incredibly simple to make and each one is still a working box, with opening bottoms into which you might put a gift or a treat.
The first house had to be in Tonic Orange of course, but this photo shows the bay window, from which I cut all the other windows too - see the window on the side - it is the centre panel. The skylight is 2/3 of another panel, just snipped out and stuck onto black card too. 
On the yellow house I positioned the bay window on the end, and added extra windows to the side. The wooden beams are snipped from the end detail panel. It just takes a few seconds to look at the dies and see how you can snip them apart.
For the blue house I added a blue roof with white detail. The window on the side is two panels stuck together.
This house is particularly snowy! But it just shows that you don't need to use all of the dies to make a complete model. I just used the base roof panel in white to cover it. 
I made my Scandinavian church out of lemon card using the George and Dragon die. It is so far removed from the Tudor style, again just by cutting out all the detail in white. 

You'll see lots of Christmas trees, both around the village and on the mountains in the background. For the 3D trees I stuck three together after folding each in half lengthways. I was very lucky to find some modelling clay on top of the cupboard and rolled tiny balls of red clay to place into the base of a little pot, made out of a punched circle and a centimetre strip of red card, then I sliced down the 'pot' in three places and wedged a tree into each one. I had just as much fun making my diarama with tissue paper and lots and lots of Christmas trees (the tree is part of the Toy Emporium set!) 

I just want to go back to Iceland now!!!

Please check out the amazing samples made by the rest of the design team, they are stunning and imaginative - a Tudor street, tea rooms, country cottages, beach huts, sheds..... the only limit is your imagination!

Thanks for reading and
Happy Crafting!
Nicky x

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