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August Win & Tonic Challenge - Just Me And My Cardboard - Jennifer Kray

Hey hey hey - it's time for another Win & Tonic Challenge! And I've been messy and festive. 

The August challenge is so cool! The theme is something festive and automatically makes me think metallic. I'd just received some AMAZING Nuvo Embellishment Mousse and was perfect for this project. 

The winner is selected randomly so everyone has a chance of winning! And what will you win? Only the BRAND NEW Dimensions - Christmas Cracker Treat Box Die Set! 

Something Festive: you are free to make whatever you want, and as long as it has something ‘Tonic’ on it and has a festive feel you are eligible to enter as many times as you want. 

How to enter
At the bottom of the Win and Tonic blog post you will see this button. 

There is a Facebook Group you can join and simply upload your entries there. They will then be added to the competition. 

You can enter as many times as you want but please note we only accept NEW CARDS - we don’t allow backlinking. 

There is fabulous inspiration on the Win & Tonic Page from some very talented ladies so be sure to check it out - and enter. 

My Project - Cardboard! 
I've been saving it up and today decided it was time to give it a whirl and design some Christmas home decor. I love how it turned out and the photos don't capture the full beauty of the metallic finish from the Nuvo Mousse. I hope you like it and it really was super easy to make! 

Tonic Materials:
Star Layering Die Set

Other Materials
Thick Corrugated Cardboard
Art Basics White Gesso
Acrylic Paint Thinner (you could also use water)
Palette Knife
Rubbing Alcohol 
Golden Regular Gel Matte 
Jute Twine
Hot Glue Gun
Paint brush
Mini Foam Pads
Jute Ribbon
Heat Gun

When using the mousse, do not use your fingers or water. Instead, wipe a palette knife with rubbing alcohol to remove the amount of mousse you need. Also, substitute water for acrylic paint thinner.
I use rubbing alcohol and a palette knife to ensure bacteria doesn't get into my pot of Nuvo mousse which may create mould. The same goes for sticking your finger into the pot of mousse. 
Of course you can use boiled cool water but in my opinion acrylic paint thinner reacts better - it has an oilier finish and you also don't have to worry about any bacterial contamination.

Step 1
Using a guillotine, cut out any size cardboard you want your project to be (mine was A2). Gently tear away some of the top layer so you have the corrugated layer visible. Gesso. 

Step 2Rub your palette knife with rubbing alcohol to ensure there is no bacteria on the knife. 

Use the clean knife to remove some of the mousse and place onto a glass mat
Now using your fingers or a sponge cover your cardboard with mousse. It dries pretty fast but give it a quick blast with your heat gun if you don't want to wait. I used all 4 colours listed above in various layers. The more layers I added, the more 'metallic' it looked.
Step 3
Trim a piece of mixed media (or stamping) card about half an inch smaller than your cardboard as you want a sizeable border. 
Ink up the Hedgerow stamp (or any script stamp you have) with Nuvo Acorn Brown Ink Pad (which is waterproof and awesome!) and stamp in a pattern which will allow the script to be visible once your cardboard star is adhered. 

Step 4
Let the ink dry for a minute or two or give it a quick blast with your heat gun. 
Using the leftover mousse(s) you used earlier and should still be on your glass mat put in a few drops of acylic paint thinner. Now I know a lot of people use water but in my opinion the paint thinner reacts better - it has an oilier finish and you also don't have to worry about any bacterial contamination. Once you have a nice consistency, pick some up on a paint brush and flick onto your card. The take the end of a pencil and dip it into your mousse and add a few marks for some added interest. 
Step 5
Let dry naturally as you don't want your heat gun to bubble your mousse. This should only take about 5 minutes. Whilst you're waiting for the mousse to dry, cut out your Seasons Greetings Sentiment 8 times, 4 white, 2 brown, 2 black. Adhere one black and brown together, with a very minimal shadow - repeat so you have two. Take two white sentiments and adhere together, repeat. Now using your Mousse, create an ombre effect on both white sentiments. You need to make sure each layer is dry before adding another otherwise it will all blend into one colour. Using your darker sentiments, adhere - giving a shadow effect. 
Adhere your largest star and sentiment to the card. For all cardboard, I used gel medium, for the sentiment I used Deluxe adhesive. 
Attach a small jute twine bow to the top of your star
Step 6
The card needed more texture but I didn't want to busy the background so decided to cut out 2 more stars to sit on top of the largest star. I used the same process with the mousse, drying, layering more mousse until the right colour was achieved.
It was still missing something so dug out a sheet of copper metal and die cut 2 small stars. I attached these with gel medium to the smallest star for added depth. For me, it's the little details which really make a project. 
Step 7
Taking Black Ash Embellishment Mousse, I went around the very edges with a mini foam pad - this really brought the whole thing to life and made it pop. This close up really shows the depth and colours used. 
Step 8
The other 2 stars were adhered with gel medium and the edges lightly distressed with Black Ash Embellishment Mousse. 
Step 9
Finally, some jute ribbon was adhered to the back of the cardboard with hot glue and another piece of cardboard adhered with gel medium. This isn't essential but I wanted to cover my back as this is being posted to someone. 

And voila! You have a gorgeous metallic Christmas decor piece. It was so easy to make and it looks absolutely stunning in real life. 

I really hope you like this project of mine and I highly recommend this Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - it's absolutely amazing. 
I was also surprised how well the cardboard worked and will be using it on a few more projects to see what happens....

Lots of love and hugs

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