Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nicky Gilburt - Behind Every Good Man...and he IS a Good Man!

...is a very good woman!

And in this case, we're talking MRS CLAUS. And on this card, she's taking centre stage!

Christmas is coming early with Tonic Studios' launch of the eagerly anticipated Christmas Buildables, and I'm sharing one of my samples showing what you can do with them. Here are Mr and Mrs Claus on one of my all-time favourite shapes - a Z-fold card.

Although the characters come with all of the component dies each to make a full body, plus extra cute accessories, I decided to focus on the detail on the faces for these two instantly recognisable special people. I cut, embossed, and assembled Father Christmas' head - 

and Mrs Christmas' head and upper body, but as you will see with the picture below, I cut out, with scissors, the bottom of the heart shape that I had placed her on.:
In doing so, I made myself two matching toppers for the front and inside of my Z-fold card, and I just added the die-cut sentiment, some snowflakes, and some Craft Perfect coloured card to make them stand out.
If you want to know how to make a Z-fold card, its SO simple: - 

1. Take a standard square card (this one is 14.8cm square, but you can use any size) and score vertically exactly half way down the front of it. Then trim off a section to make the Z panel, on this card I trimmed so that my base was now 10.5cm high, ie an A6 card with a side fold. (so roughly 4-5cm but it's not an exact science!) 
2. Then fold the front back on both sections and flatten the crease with a bone folder or scoring tool.
3. Finally invert the small panel - flip it over and position the short flap against the back of the card with the long flap going across the folded back section
Can you see how it's going to come together?
There are no rules as to how high you position your little Z panel, it will fit perfectly across, just remember to only glue half way across the long one.

 It is easier to decorate everything before sticking the Z panel down, and then as you can see, the final touch was adding this festive couple for a truly special Christmas card.

Check out all the Tonic facebook, Pinterest, Instagram pages, the other Tonic DT blogs (they have prepared some incredible samples for the shows, as usual!) and of course Hochanda this weekend, beginning with the launch today, (Friday) 

Christmas in June? We're crafters, that's how we roll!

Happy Crafting
Nicky x

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