Thursday, 1 June 2017

Head in the clouds... - Nicky Gilbert

Tonic Studios new launch this week, of the gorgeous acetate bubbles and matching dies, along with an amazing set of cloud dies, really got me thinking. With these cards below I will explain all the different ways I worked with the clouds to get different effects. As well as the four different shapes of bubbles, you get these gorgeous stamps and dies to expand their crafty potential. The clouds are there as a stamp set and a die set, so they are super versatile, and here's how I made the best of them...

1. As a mask

I simply die-cut a few clouds and laid them over a piece of mixed media card. i chose this card as it is very absorbent when i'm using water, and in this case, I added two or three drops of Azure Blue Nuvo Aqua Flow to one of my spritzing bottles, and sprayed a blue mist over them. 
Once dry I cut a piece of paper into a wavy hillside and did the same with a few drops of Evergreen Fern. It's a really simple technique, the bottle washes clean afterwards. However, that left me with some delicately spritzed die-cut clouds...
2. Clouds at night!

Do you recognise the clouds? They are the spritzed waste from the previous card! 
the background for this card was achieved also with Nuvo Aqua Flows, applying with acetate and mixing and blending to get a dark colour palette. Once dry I stamped stars onto them with the Nuvo Clear Mark ink pad and embossed with Nuvo Glacier White embossing powder. 
The stars in my bubble are simply me making use of my gazillion small punches! That way, you can theme your confetti to the colour scheme you wish. 
3. A Mask with a different technique

I wanted to try this balloon idea, I'd seen examples of it but I had never made one before. If you cut multiples of the same symmetrical shape and fold in half, you get the fan effect, and it's so easy, again. But for the clouds on this one I held my little masks in position and used a blending tool and Distress Oxide to lightly apply a blue sky around them.
The hearts and balloons in the stamp set are beyond cute: a swish with a white marker pen, I use a Posca 0.9mm pen which I found in Hobbycraft, for this.
4. Wash the clouds away...

This was real creative fun. if you're into distress oxides, like me, you will be discovering all sorts of magic with them! 
Here I inked all over my card to make a sky, using three different shades, then I dried it and wiped it even drier with my little anti-static bag, before stamping the clouds and embossing with the white Nuvo powder, as above. 

The fun started then when I took a water brush and started washing the colour away from each cloud, blotting with kitchen roll as I went along. With the colour lifted, yet still there, it created, I hope, an ethereal translucency to the clouds, which I think then perfectly complements the focal image of the card.

A nod to the stars in the bubble - I bought those when I first started crafting properly, about 14 years ago. I knew I had them somewhere at the bottom of a box and it was a trip down memory lane and through yearsof collecting bits and bobs, to find them!
5. Cotton clouds (or felt, to be precise)

I am not allowed to name the individual in this picture, he's one of mine, but it was a while ago, so I am allowed to use it! However I did think what a fabulous idea for really personalising these bubbles! The background for this card is just a blend of Distress Oxide, and I can't help myself splashing a bit of water over it to break up the colour and add a bit of fun!. 
For these clouds, I used the only bit of felt I still have, and backed it with a double sided sheet of sticky paper. It was the easiest thing in the world to die-cut, and I had instant fluffy clouds, which were simple to stick down too, I just peeled the backing off. 
That concludes my little tour of the clouds!
Currently availavle on a Hochanda exclusive, these dies, bubbles and stamps will be on sale through all the usual retailers very soon, and I hope that these little cards have inspired you to have a play with them too.

Please leave a comment if you have enjoyed my post, it's always lovely to know people are looking! 
Happy Crafting. I'm off to enjoy the cloudless sky (for once!) 


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