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Win & Tonic May Challenge Inspiration (Mixed Media Tag) - Jennifer Kray

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This weekend has been an interesting one for me so took the opportunity to sit at my desk and get down and dirty with some Nuvo products to create a mixed media tag.

I've been meaning to make something for a lovely friend for ages but time is always on the side of procrastination ;)

I've taken the opportunity to use the next Win & Tonic challenge theme(s), get my finger out and make something lovely. 

I was delighted to see 'using dies as stencils' as a theme this month. In true Jen style, I faffed around for about two hours but there is a lot of drying time, some of it needed to be air dried so as not to bubble the mousse. 

The finished tag is large - 7" x 3.5" and I hope you like it.

There are four elements to April's Challenge and you may use one, all or a mixture of the four. 

This month the choices are:

Colour - neutrals i.e. creams, taupes etc.
Technique -  stenciling with your dies
Product -  any Nuvo product
Theme - open theme so any occasion

There is some fabulous inspiration on the Win & Tonic Page. I do hope you enter - the winner is selected randomly and you can enter as many times as you like as long as you use at least one of the themes and something Tonic on your project. 

The prizes are always amazing and this month is no exception with it being the ENTIRE set of the new Essentials Lace Dies. 

Here's one of the cards I designed using the Essentials Lace Dies. Aren't they fabulous?! If you look closely you can see that the entire card blank has a small lacy border I cut out and attached for some delicate detail. 
But now for my mixed media tag details: 

Tonic Studios Materials
Verso Corner Die, Butterfly Purse, 411E (used as a stencil)

Other Materials: 
Mixed Media Paper
Emboss Pen - Clear
Momento Desert Sand 
Wire, various
Cheese Cloth
Modelling Paste
Mulberry Paper
Mini Belt Buckle
Mini Glass Vial
Old broken Earring
Fiskars 0.25-inch Circle Hand Punches

The Project: Mixed Media Tag
Theme: All 

1. To make the tag I used two pieces of mixed media card and cut out a piece 3.5" x 7", snipping the corners at the top to make the tag shape and then using a hand punch to make the hole at the top. I then repeated the process on some cardboard to sandwich between the two pieces of mixed media card. The back is gently decorated and there is a personal message for a lovely lady on it. 

2. Transfer a couple images or words from the Forever Moments transfer pack onto your tag front.

3. Die cut the geometrical shaped envelope corner die to use as a stencil.

4. Mix modelling paste and some of the brown and black aqua flow pens until you have the desired colour.

5. Use the coloured modelling paste and die stencil in random places on your tag. Allow to dry or heat set.

6. Use Momento Desert Sand ink heavily around the edges, bringing it into the tag for definition. 

7. Pop some Burnished Bronze Nuvo Mousse to darken the corners and to add further depth.

8. Using your stencil again but this time using Mother of Pearl Nuvo Mousse randomly around your tag. Allow to dry.

9. Very gently go over a few of your stencilled pieces with an emboss pen and then use Gold embossing powder. You might need to do this a few times.

10. Go in with your Mousse to complete the highlights and shading you require. Allow to dry.

Your die cut stencilled background is now complete. 

Sometimes choosing what we put on tags leaves me scratching my head so just grabbed some ribbon, tulle, cheese cloth and lace and applied Nuvo Mousse to them. In my junk drawer/treasure chest, I found a broken earring, a mini buckle, a small vial and some wire. Then I added a few Tonic butterflies and a sentiment. I had no paper flowers left and the dies I had just didn't fit so hand cut some rough rose layers on mulberry paper and hoped for the best. 

I then used a Nuvo pen and very gently head embossed the petals in gold and finished with glitter. I’m thinking I can get away with it as a shabby rose…

I had such a good time making this tag and although I’ve only ever made a few mixed media pieces, I absolutely loved the process. By the end my hands were covered in dried mousse and they were more like ‘The Things’ hands out of fantastic 4 but nothing a bit of soap and water couldn't fix. 

Even a broken earring has a place in mixed media. 

I really hope you enter this months competition and full details can be found here
That's all from me today - over and out! 
Lots of love

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