Monday, 6 February 2017

Victoria Dalziel - Woodland Buildables Collection

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Today I am going to share the Woodland Buildables from Tonic Studios that launched this week on c&c.

Oliver Owl - Woodland Buildables

Betty Bunny - Woodland Buildables

Harry Hedgehog-Woodland Buildables 

Betty Bunny- Woodland Buildables 

Frankie Fox - Woodland Buildables 

Harry Hedgehog-Woodland Buildables 

Betty Bunny -Woodland Buildables 

Frankie Fox- Woodland Buildables 

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  1. Loving my very cute Woodland Buildables, but can't you point me in the right direct to where I find how to build all the other very cute animals that Jodie showed us the pictures of on Create and craft. There is no way my baggy brain will remember the combinations. Pen and paper at hand to make notes!!! �� Thank

  2. A lovely selection of cards Victoria, thank you for sharing x x x