Thursday, 14 January 2016

Upon Reflection..... - Jo Austin

Hi everyone... 

This week has been a bit of a 'blurgh' for me... I've not been very well, and had  shows in Peterborough with these fantastic sets of  Reflections dies and stamps. How cute are they?! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing working with them. 

I'm getting better now, but think I had a bit of the ol' flu bug - very achy, sore all over, eyes were squinty, and I was grumpy. Ok... grumpy isn't part of the flu, but me + ill = grumpy Jojo!

But you know what they say - "When Life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, give life a thousand reasons to smile." So, feeling ill, grumpy, and everything else besides, I am giving myself lots of reasons to smile - beginning with this gorgeous little thing below. 

Let me introduce you to Cerys. She is one of our little Reflections set. This is the stamped image that comes with the collection, in which you will get seven design dies, seven verso edges, seven character stamps and the book of toppers (30 in all, 3 of each seven fairies and 3 of three different verses). 

On this card, I opted to do a half easel card, using the stamped image and one of the toppers from the book.  The side where the verse is placed was left flat, and the fairy image created the easel. 

I took great delight in colouring little Cerys. She is so sweet and the teddy is super cutesy! I used a mixture of blues and browns for the colouring, to match in with the verse topper. The pens I used were the Tonic Nuvo pens. If anyone wants to know colours I have used, please ask and I will list them below for you. 

I blended the wings of the fairy into the colours of the dress, then I added some silver dotty highlights to give her a little bit of shine. This was from the metallics set. 

I just love this image, it's supercute and really suits my style. The stamps are so simple to colour - no very small areas to get stuck with, they are very open designs and not too intricate which is perfect for new crafters. 

Did you buy the Reflections collection? Have you received it and had a play? 
Show me what you came up with - I would love to see. 

I will be back tomorrow with another little card to share. So until then, 
Happy Crafting everyone! 

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  1. Good Morning what beautiful cards you make, the one with Cerys and teddy bear what style of card is that i love it, i have never seen it you have inspired me to make a card like that where could i get the directions to make this type of card. Thank you for sharing your ideas. PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND TYSVM AND HAVE A SUNSHINE DAY