Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to Use the Tonic Studios Flip Flop Die Sets - Ruth

This is a step by step photo tutorial showing just one of the ways you can use the new Tonic Studios Flip Flop Die Sets.
There are 4 different patterns  - 

When making cards with the Flip Flop dies it is best to use two layers of card to make the finished item sturdy. Alternatively you can add extra card and detail to the back to give support. Because many of the Tonic Studios dies are Verso ( ie they cut the pattern into the card as well as out of the card) they are a great combination to use with these dies as you can see in my sample.

How to use the sets:

 I have made this card to fit into a C5 envelope.
1. Cut 2 contrasting pieces of card measuring 21 cm x 21 cm.

 2. Mark each piece of card at 10 cm from the left side and attach the long die to the card with masking tape (cutting side facing down into the card) and pass through your die cutting machine.

 3. Do the same with both pieces of card.

 4. Use the large solid outline heart shaped die to cut 2 hearts - one from both colours of card.

 5. Tape the inner heart shaped die to the white heart (again with the cutting edge facing downwards) and pass through your die cutting machine.

 6. Glue the white detailed heart on top of the plain pink heart.

 7. Use the small "Love" die to cut out the wording from pink card.  

 8. Glue the "Love" to the centre of the hearts and then glue the hearts onto the centre panel of the white card.

9. Carefully fold back the card along the debossed lines down the centre.

10. Decorate the sides of the top card - I've used two Silhouette Scene dies (Bride and Groom)  - and then glue the white card to the pink card. Continue to decorate until you are happy with the finished card.


  1. Thank you very much Ruth I needed this lol xx

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  3. Your cards are truly beautiful!

  4. Beautiful card and very clear, useful instructions - thank you.

    Next time I make one, I think I'll stick the centre (heart here) to the card at the end so I dont squash it when cutting out the sides.