Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beautiful Bunting - Doda

 When I saw Tonic Studios new Diamond Squeeze Box die, I knew I was going to have to make some bunting with it. The intricate triangles are so very pretty I wanted to showcase them

I backed the diecuts with some translucent paper. It is like a coloured glassine paper that I had from a pack of craft paper from Lidls. You could possibly use tissue paper too, but it will be more delicate to work with. The bunting looks gorgeous hung in the window to catch the light. Alas, there was not a great deal of sunlight when I took the pictures, but you get the idea.


To construct my bunting, I made little paper tabs to fold over the diecuts and the string. These were approx 1cm by 2cm scored halfway and glued each side.
Bunting always adds a pretty touch to a home don't you think?

You could also use the triangular dies without the intricate centres to make a felt bunting. Sew directly onto a piece of narrow ribbon along the top of the triangle. The pretty edged die would look fab in coloured felt.

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

Have a nice day.


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