Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Slice of Tonic/Behind the Scenes

Hi Everyone, thought we'd try and give a weekly insight into life behind the scenes at Tonic studios and keep you all up to date with goings on. 

Its been a busy week here, with the new crystal drops being delayed in customs,but everything's back on track and the weather clearing up in South Wales too :)

Our sales manager Sion had his 24th birthday this week too and here's whats left of the cake along with a picture of Sion in the warehouse :)

Hope you're all having a good week and be sure to check Blog Tonic for more updates from Tonic HQ 

Until next week...........


  1. Happy 24th birthday sion,
    Enjoy your day x

  2. Thank you Owain. A Happy Belated Birthday Sion, don't let that cake go to waste!

  3. Happy Birthday Sion don't waste the cake, thanks to all for all your great work off to play with my new diies yeah xxxx