Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Stationery Box - Indulgence Frame Dies and Stamps - Karen

Hello.  There has been quite a bit off interest in the Stationery Box I made for the on air shows in Create and Craft so I thought I'd show you this in more detail and give you my measurements as I re sized this to fit our UK sized A6 cards and envelopes.  I also worked on the measurements so that I could use A4 card which gives me a wider variety of colours and finishes than just using 12 x 12 which I notice a lot of the online tutorials are made from.

This will be a long post with quite a lot of photos so bear with me.  The wonderful photos of the finished article were taken by the amazing Kate, photographer down at Tonic HQ while the slightly shaky/out of focus 'in the process of' photos are my very own!

Completed Box With Lid

Open Box With Enclosed Items

To make this box with my measurements you will need to mark your first sheet of card at 22 1/2cm x 17 cm , place the shorter edge against the bar on your scoring board and score at 3cm, turn and score the opposite end at 3cm, then placing one of the longer edges against the bar, score at 5cm.  

Fold all of these score lines and cut the scored corners away as shown.

Your next piece of card needs to be cut at 29 1/2cm x 17cm.  Place one of the shorter edges against the bar or your score board and score at 1 1/2cm and 6 1/2cm.  Again, turn and score the opposite side at 1 1/2cm and 6 1/2cm.  Place one of the longer sides against the bar of your score board and score at 5cm.  As you did with the previous panel, fold all of the score lines and cut the scored corners away.

Apply adhesive or tape to one of your 5cm scored, cut away panels and stick to the matching 5cm panel on the other piece.

Which gives you your base.

Your interior panels are measured as follows:
a.  22 1/2cm x 10 1/2cm.  Score this panel at 3cm on 3 of the sides, fold the score lines and cut away the scored corners.  This one will hold your card and envelopes.

b.  14cm x 5cm.  Score at 1 1/2cm and 2 1/2cm on either end.  This will hold your 9cm x 7 1/2cm notelets.
c.  12 1/2cm x 5cm.  Score at 1 1/2cm and 2 1/2cm on either end.  This will hold your gift tags.

Apply your adhesive as shown.

Stick the larger panel in first, then stick the two smaller panels on the front of this.  Trim the edges of your box to neaten.

Cut your note book cover to 16cm x 9 1/2cm and fold in half.  Your stamp holder needs to be 5cm x 7 1/2cm score at 1 1/2cm on 3 sides and your pen holder is 4cm x 4cm scored at 1cm on either end.  Apply your adhesive as shown.

Attach to the lower part of your box.

Your lid is the only part of your box with a precise measurement as it needs to be a few millimetres bigger than the box itself so your card needs to be cut at 15.3cm x 26.8cm.  This can then be scored at 5cm on each side.  Cut notches in order to stick your tabs in place.
Glue your lid together and slide onto your closed box.

and here it is again decorated and showing the lovely dies and stamps off.
I hope this explains my process but if you have any problems, please get in touch and I will help you.



  1. Wow what a clever lady you are. A brilliant idea that I can't wait to have a go at doing. X

  2. Brilliant tutorial - thank you so much! Really handy to be able to use A4 card. I have tried to make one like this and even following along with the video I struggled to understand, and made a mistake, this is so much clearer. Gorgeous project and great gift idea. Brimming with ideas. Thank you.