Thursday, 18 June 2015

Christmas Rococo Dies - 3D Santa's Sleigh and Regal Reindeer - Karen

I have been asked to explain how I made the 3D Sleigh and Reindeer so here goes.

I cut 4 of the Rococo Regal Reindeer out of Kraft card and lightly inked the edges with distress ink. I look a small strip of matching card and made a spacer for between each pair by scoring the strip at 1cm intervals and gluing it together to make a square, I made two for each pair of deer. This gives more depth than just using some foam pads stuck together and has the advantages of being the same colour as the reindeer. I glued my little spacer boxes to the back of one of the deer and lined up the other, sticking it so they will stand up. You should have the top and bottom of the spacers open so you can glue your ribbon in a little later.

To make the 3d sleigh I cut a few layers out for both the front and the back of the sleigh to give it more stability as the 'runners' it stands on are quite fine. so for the sample I cut a red for the base, then a gold metallic for the runners which is stuck directly over the red layer, next comes another red but this time cut off the runner so that when you glue this layer on the metallic layer is showing through from underneath. This needs to be repeated for the other side. The joining piece measures 13cm x 6cm. This needs to be scored 1cm in from each side and snipped all the way along this 1cm line to allow you to curve it along the length of the sleigh. I stuck my strip onto the front of one of my layered sleighs using ultra tacky red line tape, starting just under the decorative edging on the sleigh and curving it as I went, you should finish just under the decorative edging at the back. Place a strip of red line tape on the back of the other sleigh and repeat remembering to line up right at the very edge. To tidy up the insides, I cut another two sleighs which I cut down to fit, trimming a bit here and there until they lined up inside neatly.

To finish, I cut 2 lengths of 10mm gingham ribbon to attach the reindeer to the sleigh, gluing each one inside the front of the spacer box on each reindeer and glued the ends into the front of the sleigh. When you display, if you place the reindeer and sleigh so that there is no slack in the ribbon, it covers the spacer boxes on the reindeer which makes it look neater. You could always cover the ribbons in the sleigh with a small piece of card but I just filled mine with sweets! I also glued two little bows under the heads of the reindeer and a bow to either side of the sleigh to neaten up where you can see the flaps

I hope you can understand my directions, if you need any assistance I am more than happy to help.

Karen x

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