Friday, 24 April 2015

Just Because - Edna

Welcome to the blog today.

I'm sharing a card made with the new Tonic Celtic Dream circle dies today.
They are just gorgeous and so delicately detailed.

Tonic - Celtic Dream circle die set
Frond Finesse foliage 
Sentiment - Just Because die set
Crystal Drops - ebony black
Forever Floral Moulds - Spring flower, Rose trio
Forever Moments Memory Clay

This is an A5 card to give you a sense of the size of the dies. 
I've coloured the clay with distress inks.

Some tips for using your clay
If you just want to use your clay in it's original colour take a small piece and work it gently until you feel it become more 'elastic'. You will feel it as you work with it. It also becomes a little less damp.
Brush some cornflour or talc into the mould before you press the clay into it. Tap out the excess and then you will find the flower etc easier to release when you want to remove it from the mould. 

I've used distress inks to colour mine and it couldn't be easier. Just press your ink pad onto your glass mat and tap a ball of clay into the ink on the mat. Do not press the clay into your ink pad itself or you will clog it up. Work the ink through the clay, adding more colour if necessary until you achieve the colour you want. I've used Mustard Seed and Peeled paint on my flowers today. 
These moulds are so detailed but so easy to use and the clay is as light as a feather when dry.
I placed the moulded clay flowers onto a couple of layers of kitchen paper to dry thoroughly.
I've left them overnight so it's a good idea to make a batch in the evening and they are ready for you to work with next day. :)
When you are done with the clay, replace it into the sealed package it came in to retain it's moisture.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for stopping by today.
Have a good one!

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  1. Great Card! I have't tried the clay, but I have several flower moulds, so I could, if I can get my hands on the clay!