Tuesday, 13 January 2015

CHA launch - Millesieme transfers - a little box from Doda

This little box has been covered with the gorgeous new Millesieme paper range. The transfer on top is one of Tonic's new transfers.  If Jodie was French, this is what she would say ..."the desires of your little heart."..or as Jodie says in English, "Whatever your little heart desires ". Cute !
And I couldn't very well make a sweet little gift box without putting a gift in it could I. These beautiful cameos are so detailed and exquisite, they are good enough to be worn as jewellery. I gave mine a light sand on the back and the edges with the finest of fine sandpaper just to make the edges look a little worn and more natural. I then used Jewellery glue to attach the silver plated bail. The hole for the jump ring was made by..(.shhh...don't tell anyone)....I heated my Tonic pokey tool with a lighter, and melted right through the cameo!!! If I had a Dremel I would have drilled through it...but...needs must!

Just look how detailed these are - even close up they are beautiful ! This is my absolute favourite one!
I may change out the pearl for a creamy coloured pearl drop the next time I am shopping for bead supplies. But otherwise, I shall be wearing this.

Have you seen the launch shows? I'm sure these designs won't last long ! Catch Jodie tonight at 10pm on Create and Craft TV.

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