Thursday, 4 September 2014

A recycled gift box decorated with the gorgeous new bow dies - an idea from Doda

I had fun making this sturdy little gift box from recycled items I had around the house. I was excitedly waiting for the lovely new small lacy bow die set as I knew these would finish it off perfectly. I've also used the new Victoria embossing folder, arboreal dream dieset, and the top and bottom of my box are cut with one of the dies from the threaded scallop circle layering die set.

Now... can you have a guess which recycled items I used to make this box? There are two sizes of one  type of item, and for the feet I used another item most people throw away...that's a real tricky one. Here's a clue about the item I used for the feet...

I'm wrapped around these circles, and I clean between the gaps.

I'll let you know that the card I used for the inner rim of the box was from  Amazon book packaging.

All I added were some pretty papers, a few jewels, some Tonic Funky glue (who could do without that !) and of course, fabulous Tonic Dies.

I wonder if any of you will guess right !

Have a lovely day


  1. Was the sides of the box made with the cardboard inner rings from sticky tape? Were the feet made from pop bottle lids or the inside real of electricians tape? Well they are my guesses for the day! Look forward to hearing the answer.

    1. Good guesses Liz...almost right...I'll reveal the answer in another post.

  2. I'm guessing the feet are made from dental flossing reels! The box does look great, I'm eagerly waiting for my Tonic POTW goodies to arrive so that I can play.

  3. Ohhhhhh Doda this is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of your makes, they're always so stylish and elegant, but they have a certain 'something' which you add and it makes everything just shine like a hollywood movie star caught in the spotlights. .... And this little box does exactly that. It's fabulous.

  4. DOH! What an idiot I am, I forgot to have a guess at what the box is made from when I posted my comment ... so I'm here again wit my guess:-

    I think the box is made from the inner rings of rolls of sellotape / parcel tape, and I think the box feet are little plastic caps off pop bottles.

    I'll be tickled pink if I'm right. lol ~ Cobs. x