Thursday, 7 August 2014

A bit of Tonic Coordination - a post from Doda

I do like a bit of coordination when it comes to stationery. I was delighted to use these envelope dies to create the card and then make the complimentary envelope. 
The other dies I have used for the card are the new Dragonfly delight frame and the Happy Birthday is from the Topper die set Happy Birthday Pansy 

The options for making personalised stationery sets...and gift sets...oooh...did I mention I do love stationery ? I'm almost hyperventilating at the thought!

And what looks more classy than a lined envelope that coordinates with your card? All you need is some paper and some Tonic !

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  1. This is lovely Doda, I am just waiting for my envelope dies to arrive, they are on the courier!

  2. Having just joined Tonic Gold I was delighted to see more examples of the envie dies.....I did see them first on Create & Craft but I don't want to have all of those dies.
    I want to ask you a question....most of the cards I make fit into a C5 envelope and I'm wondering will the envelope dies be a bit small looking for the flap of this size of envelope....could you help me out on this? I will buy them for using on cards but would love them to look sort of right for the flap.....just wondering if the triangle would be a bit mean looking alongside a bigger flap than the examples shown here. Thanks.

    1. Sorry Joyce, only just spotted your question. The envelope dies are quite substantial, the card shown here is a 5 by 5 inch card, hope that is helpful. x