Saturday, 24 May 2014

Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial on the Header Fold Dies

This tutorial shows you how to score your card, where the alignment notches are and how to use both the detail and cutting edge dies to create perfect header fold die cuts.

Step 1 Trim and Score Card

Trim a piece of A4 card to 14.5cm wide.  Turn the card, and make two small score lines at the A5 score line (14.8cm).  Do not score all the way across, you need to score about 0.7cm in from each side.  

Step2 - Align the Score Lines to the Outer Cutting Die Notches

If you look closely at the cutting edge die from the Header Fold Dies, you will see that there is a tiny notch on each side just up from the open edge.  You need to align these notches to the score lines you’ve made.  For the purposes of this tutorial, I have marked the score lines in pencil so that you can see it (but you don’t mark it with pencil when you do this). See below, with a really close up shot of where you need to align the notches.  Tape the outer cutting die into place and cut using your die cutting machine.

Tonic Header Fold Dies Alignment Notches

Step3 - Align and Cut the Detail Die

Next remove the cutting edge die and line up the detail die, tape this into place, then cut and emboss the die through your cutting machine.  Again, don't forget the only reason you can see my score lines so clearly is becuase I've marked over them in pencil but you won't have done this.

Step4 - Fold and Trim to size

Fold the card over along the 2 scored lines.  At this stage your card will not be the same size front and back.  Trim your uneven edge by aligning the folded edge to the 14.5cm on your trimmer (note - you are aligning the folded edge, not the top of the card) and trim the uneven edges.  You now have a perfectly cut and trimmed header fold card base.  This can either be a tent-card with the header element at the top as shown or a traditional side opening card.  You are now ready to decorate your card however you wish.

I have a printable PDF of these instructions that you are welcome to save and use, please just pop over to my own blog DipsDesigns - link here.


  1. Thanks for sharing ...happy crafting ....x

  2. Thank you for this I have a massive amount of Tonic dies and love them all. Not been getting on with these dies so hopefully this will help.

  3. This helped . Been using them lots pop onto my blog too see.
    Hugs Vicky