Sunday, 13 April 2014

A recipe book from a photo album - an idea from Doda

I bought a cheap photo album and recovered and embellished it using Tonic's Tea Party dies. It works out great for using as the kind of recipe book you can add to over time and the plastic pockets will help to keep your recipes clean.

I've used the teapot and teacup on the front, and on the back I have used the pocket watch. I added a chain to the watch by punching a strip with the loopy lace geared punch and then snipping away parts to turn it into a chain.

I'm sure that you know that die-cut pieces have a right side and a wrong side, so I am going to share with you a little tip that dawned on me after I had created quite a few decoupage pieces. This will be very useful to you I am sure. If you want to reverse a die cut image to use for decoupage and therefore cut it back to front from your paper, once you have cut your image, place it  between two pieces of card and run it through your die cutting machine to flatten it.
It's such a simple thing, but I wish it had dawned on me earlier!!! If you are going to decoupage any die cut image, it is best for it to be as flat as possible, so do this and you will find it flattens the paper perfectly for Mod Podging  it onto your item, and also means you can flip images if you want them to be in the other direction, thus increasing your options.

I used some Pick of the bunch clear stamps to decorate the recipes inside my book.

This one went off to be used on Create and Craft, so I think I'll need to make myself one of these as well - you should see my current recipe folder!

Have a lovely day


  1. I've got cut out recipes in many places, in a large envelope on the fridge door, inside the phone book and other cookery books, that is a great idea, got a couple of albums not used for purpose and a large one with Charles and Diana on the front, that will be just the job xx

  2. Great idea.... happy crafting ....x