Monday, 17 March 2014

Faerie Lantern

Hope you are enjoying the shows on Create and Craft with the launch of the Tonic Faerie dies.

I wanted to make a project with all the Faeries, so I decided to make a lantern. It`s lit with a battery operated candle.

Two sides of the box are backed with gold card and the other two are backed with vellum to allow the light to glow.

This is the top of the box

Will be back soon with more designs to share 


  1. Stunning box! I kept glimpsing it on tv, but they never really mentioned it, which was really irritating. I could only afford two of the dies, not the whole lot (very sad), but they are all brilliant designs.

  2. Yet another stunning project. I promised myself that i couldnt keep buying and i have sat on my hands until today. They have just managed to jump into my basket. Good ole flexi-pay. I really do have to stop spending now. So as much as i love all the dies you bring us. No more for a while please LOL.x

  3. another beautiful project Alison. :)