Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Swing card tutorial

I've had this on my own blog for a week or two but didn't want to post it here and interrupt the "new release"  cards etc....so here it is -  the tutorial for the "A4" swing card shown above.

1. I started with an A4 piece of card and cut 1cm off  the short side to make it 20cm high and ,measured in from the sides to the points indicated. The dashed lines are score lines.

2. I used the Tonic Studios Boudoir Square die set for the centre part.

3. Tape the inner die in the centre of the card using the guides marked on the top photo.

4. Die cut the entire inner die.

5. Now remove the inner die and tape the outer die directly on top.

6. Transfer the centre score line guides to the back of the card.

7. Lay the card with the die facing upwards on your cutting machine and then lay the cutting plate just up to the guideline on the back of the card.
Turn the card round and cut the opposite side - leaving the centre part intact.
8. This will give you the shape above.

9. Now fold  the other marked lines into a valley fold to get the shape above.

You are now ready to decorate in whatever way you like.

Here's a photo of the card when it's closed, measuring 18cm x 20cm so it fits neatly inside an 8x8 envelope.

Hope you try this and enjoy it.
You'll find lots more tutorials like this on my blog  -  A Passion for Cards
Ruth :)


  1. I've often wondered if you could 'part cut' with a die for a different effect. Now I know you can. Excellent tutorial and result. Thank you and it's beautiful.

  2. You say cut short side to 20cm but do you mean cut it of the longest side so card is 20cm by just under 30cm

    1. The shorter side is 21cm to start with, so cut it to 20cm. The card will now measure 20cm by just under 30cm :)

  3. Please can I ask if it's possible to do this with a Cuttlebug? It looks like I'd need a wider die cutting machine. Would be grateful for your advice please.

  4. You would really need an A4 die cutting for this size of card but perhaps you could adapt it for a smaller card.

  5. Beautiful card and I love the pretty paper which is the kind I'm looking for to make wedding invites for my granddaughter. Can you possibly let me know what its called and where you bought it please x