Friday, 17 January 2014

Felt - cut with the ivy frame die

I like to make my presence felt...or is it make my presents felt ? Groan !

I do like a bit of felt now and again, and this 40% wool 60% viscose felt cut beautifully with my Tonic die. I used two of the Deco ivy frame die cuts and then after a bit of careful snipping, I joined them together to make a rectangular frame. My white backing fabric is 100% linen.

Before cutting my felt I ironed on some fusible webbing, this serves to stabilise the felt and make it cut easier and also means that you can iron your design directly on to your fabric.

"Hello" looks so much more elegant in French don't you think? With just a simple bit of stitching with three strands of embroidery floss, voilà - a very cute little cushion don't you think ?

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