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Step-By-Step Chocolate Slip Wrapper

Chocolate Slip WrapperI promised last week provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this chocolate slip wrapper, so I'm back this week with the details.  Over on my blog DipsDesigns, I've created a PDF of this step-by-step of this Chocolate Slip Wrapper - so please pop over and download it for future reference.  There are also more photographs illustrating each step.

I hope you enjoy this project as I've had requests for more of these types of posts.

Step 1 - Cut cardstock and patterned paper to size

Trim a sheet of mid-weight ivory cardstock to 19.7cm wide by 27cm long.  Use a pencil to mark the center point along the top and 7.9cms down from the top (sorry to be this exact, but if you go to 8cm with this die, it will cut right out!). Score along the length of the sheet at 1.5cm in from the left and right edges, but don't fold those scored lines yet. Trim your patterned paper into two oblongs, 16.5cm x 9.5cm and 16.5cm x 5.8cm.

Step 2 - Die-cutting "off" the mat.

Align the Tonic Studios Monarch Arch Die to the centre top of ivory cardstock (as pictured) so that the die ends just below your 7.9 cm pencil marks.  Tape securely into place with masking tape.  Place on your cutting mat so that the die is on the cutting mat but that the very bottom of it extends beyond the edge of the mat (use the 7.9cm pencil marks to help with the lining up).  Cover with the base mat, hold your sandwich together very firmly so that it doesn't slip and feed through your die cutting machine.  Remove the cutting mat (and any low tack tape adhering the sheet to the cutting mat only) and carefully move the cardstock up the base mat, then use the embossing sandwich relevant to your machine.

Remove the die, you will see that you have cut through the card but it is still attached to the sheet. Run your fingers around the die cutting to remove any loose pieces, but don't worry about any small pieces that are still attached at the base, we'll be dealing with those. Using a craft knife and aligning the metal edge ruler to the 7.9cm pencil marks, trim away excess cardstock from either edge to the first die-cut edge (as pictured).  

You will still have a land-locked central section and this bit needs a little bit of care, so go slowly but it is easy enough to deal with.  Align your metal ruler to the cut edges and then cut away between die-cut edges (leaving the die cut still attached to the card).  I find it easiest to cut away the central section first and then decide what other sections need to be trimmed after I've done this bit.  You will now have an oblong of cardstock with your Monarch Arch attached to the top.

Step 3 - Creating the Wrapper

From the bottom of the cardstock, measure up 7.5cm and score across the width and at 9cm, again at this stage don't fold the score lines.  Use a Border punch to create a decorative edge at the bottom.  Now fold and burnish with a bone folder the four score lines. On each side, cut up to the vertical score lines from the edge along the two horizontal score lines.  Trim away a small v-shaped wedge as shown below. I found it easier to attach the patterned card before final assembly but take care, you need to stick the small oblong to the back of the project and the wrong way up if your pattern has a top and bottom so sure the pattern top is aligned against the punched border edge.  This is because at the moment, your bottom piece is upside down and back to front.
To construct the wrapper, first glue the tabs to the longer edge, you may need to just hold the tabs in place for a few seconds until the glue fully "grabs".  Then apply your glue to the shorter edge and stick in place.  You now have your basic wrapper shape to decorate as you please!

Don't forget, I have a PDF of this tutorial available on my Blog DipsDesigns, where you'll also find more photographs on each step, so do pop over for a look.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy crafting!

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