Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some cards in the May issue of Crafts Beautiful

Today I had a rare day off and really enjoyed it...David brought my breakfast to bed (as usual - I know, I am spoilt!!) and then I had a lovely lie in. Well, that was really because I worked so late last night I just couldn't face getting up. Anyhow, I had a browse through the May issue of Crafts Beautiful magazine which is just out. This month I have 2 different sets of cards in there....Lily of the Valley cards and some featuring umbrellas and boots.You can see I've been using some of my favourite Tonic punches on them - Butterfly border, Dotty border, Floral border, Classic flower punch, mini flower and the trellis Wall die too.

Then we went to Hillmount Nurseries for lunch - anyone who lives around the Belfast area will probably have seen the big Polar Bear in the car park...well, here he is and there is still plenty of snow there to keep him happy.


  1. I adore your lily of the valley cards (I love the real lily of the valley flowers) are the stamps your own designs? Will they be available from local stockists like the stamp and punch sets? Thank you x

  2. Thanks, Dawn. The image is my own design and it's available as a template on the Crafts Beautiful website as a download, as are the boots and umbrella from the other set of cards. You can see them here..., Ruth :)