Friday, 8 February 2013

Teeny Handbag Notebook

This is a variation of my matchbook notebook, but much easier to make as no sewing is involved. If you have one of the Simplicity geared border punches, A flower punch to decorate the "bag", some card, 3 sheets of A4 paper, some tacky Glue, a bit of trim, some velcro or a couple of thin magnets for the catch, and something to score the card with  then you're all set.

I used some of the Pick of the bunch stamps to decorate all 62 pages (yes, I know, but it's for a gift and it didn't take that long)
I'll let you have a tutorial for these soon...that gives you some time to get your supplies together.


  1. That's very sweet and a great gift idea x

  2. What a lovely gift idea Doda -I look forward to the tutorial. Pat x

    1. Thanks Nannapat. BTW, you still need to get in touch with me to claim your prize from my giveaway ages ago. :-)Perhaps you didn't get my message.