Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not as fiddly as it looks

This pretty card looks like it might be quite tricky to reproduce, but with the aid of a few Tonic Tools and a couple of shades of cream card, it's not that hard at all.

I used the Simplicity Daisy Circle Die to make the doily shape. Then I cut a hole in the centre of the doily and also my card blank using my Circle Shape Mate. Then I used my Shape Mate to cut a doughnut of cream card which I stuck on top of the doily which was then all stuck onto my card blank.
 I punched out two shades of flowers using my Simplicity geared punch classics daisy punch. With a few dots of Funky glue I glued them around the doughnut using the doily edge as my guide for spacing. Then I punched one flower with my Multi Detail Punch and stuck it behind the aperture. This is what it looks like from the back. Then to finish I added a few pretty little gems and a pink paper insert. (The edge corners are the left over from this punch.)
Result - an intricate looking card for someone special. Thanks Tonic! :-)


  1. What a lovely card, I envy you people who have such creative minds. I hope to improve now that I have bought some Tonic die and border punches.

  2. This card is lovely it is simple but so effective.I bought all four of the geared punches but I am finding it difficult to line them up to cut a continuous border.

    1. Hi uniqui. Try watching this demo by Kirsty Wiseman and see if it helps you out a bit.

      Doda x