Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Paper Flowers for Easter

Paper Flowers for Easter

This past weekend I started to make paper flowers for my Easter tree and the little bunnies wanted one each! So now I have a few less for my tree, but don't they look cute!

Paper Flowers for Easter
Tools and Materials

Pretty Easter Egg boxes, How-to step by step
Making paper punch flowers
Making paper punch flowers

Start by punching out the petal pairs until you have a pair for each flower you want to make. Place one of each petal on top of each other and tuck one punched petal shape into another to create a beautiful flower. Then carefully push the craft pick through the centre of each flower so you have a small hole in the centre. Thread a sequin onto a stamen and thread the stamen through the hole. Glue in place.

Butter dish to fill
Flower Bunnies

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  1. What pretty flowers and thank you for the instructions! Pat x