Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Paper punches and polymer clay

Ever since I saw this wonderful technique using papercuts to emboss polymer clay, I knew I wanted to try this with my Tonic Studios paper punches.
I used a textured card and punched a variety of shapes to try out. The dark patches on the card are because this is after they have been used with the clay.

I really enjoyed the technique and made a few bits and pieces.
Cute little earrings with this butterfly paper punch.
While the card was still in place I used it like a stencil and rubbed on pearlex powders and glitter to get different effects.
These earrings are made with the branch part of the birdy punch.
I used a different texture of card for this one. Also with the birdy punch.
More birdy punch. This time with white pearlex powder on black clay. It makes the raised areas look silver leafed.
I used my flower punch for this one and added detail with my craft pick.
This one has glitter on the flower area and pearlex powders around it.
This time I added an organic looking centre to the flower by rolling tiny egg shapes and pressing them onto the clay with my craft pick.
I made a ring to match it. This one has circles on top of the egg shapes pressed with an empty ballpoint pen. It's supposed to look like flowers and leaves.

So If you like to play with polymer clay and you have some paper punches, then give this a try. It's great fun. I'll show you some of the buttons and card embellishments I've been making very soon.

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  1. Really like these...I'm guessing you just take your punched shape and press it on the clay? I love these!