Monday, 30 January 2012

A Thankyou card

It's always good to keep a handy stash of thankyou cards  so I added this card to my box today. 
The flower is made with a pearl topped pin, a couple of tiny flower punchouts and three of the bigger flower. I glued the top part of the flower to the card to hold it in place but the rest is free to be fluffed up. 

I'd just like to point out - the pointy part of the pin is well ensconced within the top layer so hopefully my recipient's finger won't be pricked. Wouldn't want them falling asleep for 100 years now would we !

Tonic Studios Punches used.
Simplicity geared pattern punch -  Daisy Border
Simplicity geared classics - flower head
Ribbon Punch - 1cm

Doda x


  1. Beautiful card! Love the flower pin and how the flower buttons match exactly!
    Love Pearl x

  2. Oh i love this! Love the way the ribbon goes in and out of the card!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Amelia (mimi)