Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wedding Card

Another little tip for using the Tonic Studios  Daisy Simplicity Geared Punch is to create a doily shape with it. This can then be used on its own or to complement the border pattern as in the wedding card above.

1. Cut a circle 11cm in diameter.

2. Place circle into punch as shown above.

3.Turn punch over so that you can see it form underneath. Start your next punch exactly on top of the last hole on the left of the previous punch. This is a lot easier than it sounds -you can see the hole clearly marked by the arrow.

4. Continue right round in this way until the last pattern. This time you just have to line up both sides as shown above.It fits exactly and you can even "feel" the punch resting in the correct place.

Ruth x


  1. Nossa incrivel este blog com tantas dicas,eu nao sabia como usar meus furadores de tantas apaixoneiiiii....obrigada por tantas dicas....

  2. Adorei seu blog...
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  3. Thank you for the tutorial! Beautiful card!