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Guest Blogger - PaperWishArt - Art Journal Page for Beginners - Easy Mixed Media Art Journalling

Hello lovelies! I'm really thrilled and excited to be a guest blogger for Tonic Studios It's such a distinction! Thank you, Tonic Team for having me and I hope you'll all enjoy what I'm about to show you J- let's make an art journal page for beginners.

Art Journal Page for beginners - with Nuvo and Tonic Studios Products

I have a new set of gorgeous Tonic Studios and Nuvo by Tonic goodies and I am going to make an easy but so AWESOME art journal page with Nuvo and Tonic. So inspired by Jenifer Kray's Facebook Live on Nuvo mousses I am finally able to see them in action. And not only the mousses, but a whole lot of products that are new to me. And see why this page makes me feel so happy ;)

Art Journal Page for Beginners - Video

Here's the video of the process - in high speed to keep you all awake.
Here is the whole process described in steps, if you find it more helpful than the video. It took me nearly three hours to make this page, which may seem like a long process. But I wasn't rushing, I took breaks and altogether it could have been much quicker. But it wouldn't be that much fun ;)

The Basic Preparations

First thing to do with your blank art journal page is to prime it - using white acrylic gesso. It will protect the paper from bleeding through and strengthen it. We are going to use quite a bit of water here so it's necessary. But good news is we can use a heat gun to speed up the drying. Once the gesso is dry (it's matte - no shiny spots) we can get to work on the design.
For this project I used Delicate Detail - Floral Flourish Stamp from Tonic Studios Essentials - the larger stamp. And to make it more durable, I'm stamping it with clear embossing ink and using black embossing powder. That's when it is very important to dry the gesso well, so that the embossing powder doesn't stick to the page. You can easily remove any excess with a brush before heat-setting the embossing powder. I stamp the flower twice - one on each side - but that's my choice - you can do however you feel about it :)

Colouring flowers with Nuvo Aqua Flows

This is not an advanced level, it's an art journal page for beginners - no complicated colouring techniques. You can play the way you want. I used Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens from the Summer Holiday set that comes in three colours - Red Apple, Lemon Zest and Aqua Splash. I used all three pens to colour the flowers - gently brushing the red on the edges and then blending it with yellow. The pens are very strongly pigmented, so you can use a waterbrush for the background. And the brush tip is absolutely awesome to colour the details. Also mixing the Water Splash with Lemon Zest gives a lovely bright green shade :)

Colouring the Flowers with Nuvo Watercolour Pencils
Colouring the flowers with watercolour pencils is really easy. No need to be super precise as a waterbrush will make the job for you. And the colours become very vivid when activated with water.

Colouring the Background with Nuvo Aqua Flows

I coloured the background with Aqua Splash and Lemon Zest. Letting it dry between layers is a good way to get quite interesting blend of these colours. And you can use any colours you want. They will behave like watercolours, you can even use a waterbrush to make the paint mix or spread smoothly.

Colouring the Background with Nuvo Watercolour Pencils

This is a child's play really! No need to pay attention to detail when you draw the pencils on your page. Using a waterbrush you can smear the colours nicely and blend the colours however you wish them to appear. And a little tip here - you can apply the pencils on a dry page and blend with waterbrush or you can apply the pencil on a wet page for more intense look. Once it dries, you can add more or different colour in the same way and watch the layers overlap.


I found that some black paint splatters will get my page the interest I liked. You can use black acrylic paint, which dries permanent, or permanent ink for splatters - it's all up to you. You may want to make masks to protect the stamped images from the paint. To make this all you need is a sticky note. You stamp the image on a sticky note, cut it out, place it on the image you want to protect, do the splashing and remove the sticky note. I like this little trick as it saves a lot of frustration when something goes not entirely according to plan ;)

But that's not all. You can do some splashes with Nuvo Embellishment Mousses too! I used Just take a bit of the mousse on the side, add a little water and mix it. Once the mouse is mixed you can splash it with a brush. Or you can use a brush to paint with it - and this is also a very interesting technique, it keeps the beautiful shine of the mousse and allows you to get to the smallest areas.
You can also use a stencil to apply the mousse to your page - I used a flourish stencil for this project. And you can apply the mousse with a spatula or with your fingers - I used my fingers mostly as I wanted to make sure the mousse goes over some parts of the stencil only. And I don't mind my hands getting dirty ;)

The Final Touches

When making an art journal page I like my pages to have a lot of interest, a lot to look at. So I drew a frame - just a line with scribbles - around the pages. And I added some stamps - bubbles in the corners and script on the sides. For some reason I find these stamps very useful for this kind of project. And you can draw some shapes (I drew circles) with Nuvo pencils and run your waterbrush over them - this also looks nice (and bubbly, hehe). Nuvo mousses work well too for this - the circles are nice and shiny.


Adding words is not obligatory in art journalling, but I like to give my pages a message. For this one I was inspired by a quote I found a while ago. 

So I wrote on a piece of white card: begin with an idea. This is what I believe expresses the whole idea of art journalling - all you need is an idea to start off. The way the page transforms in front of your eyes is the whole fun. And the end result may not be exactly what you intended it to be, but as long as the process gives you joy, you're doing it right. Nobody says you can't come back to the page you made a bit later and add or change anything. That's absolutely your choice. Just enjoy the process and don't hesitate to try new techniques, experiment and play.

Products used:

As this is meant to be an art journal page for beginners, there are not so many products that you are going to need. Here is what I used:

     White Acrylic gesso (from The Works)
     Tonic Studios - Stamps - Delicate Detail - Floral Flourish Stamp (available at CraftStash)
     Nuvo - Watercolour Pencils - Brilliantly Vibrant (available at CraftStash)
     Nuvo - Embellishment Mousse - Citrus Green
     Nuvo - Embellishment Mousse - Aquamarine
     Nuvo - Embellishment Mousse - Pink Flame
     Nuvo - Aqua Flow Pens - Summer Holiday
     Nuvo - Mica Mist - Antique Gold
     Nuvo - Ink Pad - Black Shadow
     Mixed Media stamps
Thanks for joining me :) I hope you enjoyed reading and watching. And I also hope you will give this a try - it's a truly simple technique that will make you feel so relaxed! If you try it, please do let me know how it went. You can do so by leaving a comment on this post or on the YouTube channel under this video. Visit my blog for more ideas: 

Friday, 6 July 2018

Communion Place Cards - Eugenie Delille

Hello to all !

Here are the Place Cards made for the Communion de Nathanaƫl which will take place on June 23, 2018 .

These are place- markers " Easel " Ivory Ivory and Beige colors . They are matched with announcements, bookmarks and menus.


Announcements, menu, place and bookmark

Good day everyone!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pretty Handbags - Victoria Dalziel

Good morning everyone , well I was going through all my photos and launches coming up and a couple of the new bags from Tonic Studios slipped past me so here they are.

Materials used :-
Blue bell Trellis bag die set
Navy craft- perfect card stock
Ivory craft -perfect card stock
Gold mirror -Craft perfect
Kraft card- craft perfect
Everything on this bag is from the die set nothing extra has been added and thats what i love about these die sets if your staring out with your journey with Tonic & die cutting you have everything you need in this set to make a stunning gift bag. 
Materials used :-
Lattice Lily Pillow box bag
Chocolate craft perfect
Decorative papers 
Craft perfect- Ivory
Craft perfect- Gold mirror card

To create just a plain pillow bag you will need to trim off the handles but keep both the glue table at the bottom of both die cuts these will hold your pillow box together just to give you more choice. For this pillow box I went with patterned papers and a vellum wrap.

Materials needed :-
Lattice Lily pillow box die set 
Cream card stock 240gsm
Patterned papers
Pink -craft perfect 
This is with the handle in place as a full pillow box,you will need to trim off one of the glue tabs at the bottom , the glue tab at the bottom and the top half of the bag have been glued together with wet glue left to dry and decorated flat as it's much easier and then once dry you can flip in the side pieces making sure the decorated edge is to the outside of the bag, the bow was then put in place using a hot glue gun.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog today
Until next time xx

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Trio of Gift Bags - Claire Rhodes-Brandon

Tut, I am bloomin' useless lately at keeping my blog up to date, I really have no idea why it's been so long since I posted anything here. I have been really busy with other launches and magazine commissions so I should do a post with all makes since my last post just to keep everything in one place. 
Anyway, I'm here today to share some new gift bags from Tonic Studios that are launching tonight at 6pm on Hochanda.
They are very useable bags as they'r a good size.
​As always I had lots of fun playing with them, here are a few of my samples, one of each design.

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A Trio of Gift Bags - Edna Taylor

 Good morning and welcome to the blog today.

As promised I'm sharing the landscape gift bag versions I made for the launch of the Gift Box die show today.

Peony Bloom Gift Bag die set

Products used:
Craft Perfect - Navy Dazzle Pearlescent card stock
Nuvo Ivory Seashell Crystal drops
Kaleidoscope Insert flower dies
Delicate Detail Simple Sentiment stamp set

I made up the bow from the Bluebell die set and dotted it over with the Crystal Drops for added interest. 

Bluebell Trellis Handbag gift die set

Products used -
Craft Perfect Bright White 
Blue card from my stash.

I used the long narrow banner type die and cut it down to use as the tails for the bow and finished it with a little toning ribbon.

Bluebell Trellis Handbag gift set

This is the Bluebell Trellis handbag in a different colour way and using the bow and it's proper tails along with the sentiment dies in the set.

Products used - 
Craft Perfect - Onyx Black Pearlescent, Golden Satin Speciality Paper
Jet Black

Tonic Dimensions Handbag Gift Bag Die Set Collection   60 Dies To-860493

Thank you for joining me today.
Have a great weekend! 

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Lattice Lily Pillow Bag - Nuvo Style - Jennifer Kray

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a gorgeous new die set from Tonic Studios - the Lattice Lily Pillow Bag. I absolutely love this set and it's more versatile than first meets the eye! 
I recently had a Facebook Live showing techniques with Nuvo Embellishment Mousse and you can see it here if you missed it --------> FB Live Beginner's Guide to Nuvo Embellishment Mousse

Carrying on with my love of Embellishment Mousse, I am now sharing a slightly more technical application using a gelli plate, acrylic paint and my mousse. The paint will soften the colours of the mousse so add a little at a time. I also added a little water to the paint before mixing it with the mousse. 
Materials Used: 

  • Tangerine
  • Lattice Lily Pillow Bag
  • Watercolour Cardstock
  • Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Custard Cream and French Rose
  • Gelli Plate
  • Brayer
  • Red Double Sided Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Gesso
  • Pure Sheen Glitter - Ice White
  • Nuvo Shimmer Powders - Atlantic Burst, Green Parade, Solar Flare
  • Flowers x3 (either die cut or bought - mine are Prima flowers)
  • Basic Oval layering Die
  • Tonic Niece Sentiment
  • Tonic Swirl Die
  • Tonic Wings and Things small butterfly die
Apply Embellishment Mousse and white acrylic plate to your gelli plate with a brayer. 
Use two of the dies from your pillow box set (seen below) as stencils on your gelli plate to
create wonderful unique patterns. 

 There are so many techniques using a gelli plate but I've kept mine to this simple singular one. 
Now that the panels are all made, colour in some flowers with mousse, gesso and glitter. The glitter will stick to the gesso when dry and act as an adhesive. 
Aren't they soft and pretty once dry!
We're building on our romantic colour scheme and it's starting to take shape. 
You need to cut the base die out twice and all the panels. Can you see the background I've made - doesn't it make gorgeous patterned paper? 
I didn't want the handle so I've snipped them off, leaving a lip on one. This will be a base for you to add double sided sticky tape to (top and bottom). This is the only adhesive you will need as the sides fold in or out for your pillow bag.
Here is a photo of all the die cuts I made and what will form the box.  Die cut the panel and the background die so you can colour and fussy cut the leaves, which are coloured in a loose style with green parade, atlantic burst and solar flare shimmer powders. 
A few dies like a swirl, butterfly, oval and niece sentiment will finish off your box nicely. 
And finally the completed project. It's absolutely stunning and I adore it. 
Making your own backgrounds can be a little time consuming but it really adds another dimension to your crafting. What do you think?  Do you like what I've done?
I won't leave it so long next time and hope to see you soon! 
Lots of love and hugs
Jennifer xx

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So Proud of You Stylized Peacock - Christine Smith

These are the stunning Bookmark and Tag dies from Tonic that have just been on Hochanda (links below) and why not look at them in a completely different way, and make a layered stylised peacock from the intricate tag die :D As soon as I saw the Swirl Flurry die I saw a peacock, and then I couldn't un-see it lol, so I just had to create one :D And I thought 'So proud of you' as a sentiment worked really well too :D Again I'm using the Arabian Nights colour collection from Craft Perfect (my favourite of the new 2018 colour trends :D) I love that all the Nuvo products for this year match perfectly, and so I've used the Spanish Sangria Nuvo Diamond Ink to stamp in the background, and I also used the Harvest Moon Glitter Accents as my embellishments too, but there are three stunning new colours of Nuvo drops that would have gone perfectly too :D :D :D Hope you liked the card :D 
Main Tonic products used :DSwirled Lace Bookmark Die Set: (not affiliate)Swirl Flurry Gift Tag Die Set: (not affiliate)Craft Perfect Arabian Nights Colour Collection: (not affiliate)Rose Gold Nuvo Pure Sheen Glitter:Harvest Moon Glitter AccentsSpanish Sangria Nuvo Hybrid Ink Pad:Tim Holtz Travel Stamping Platform:Tim Holtz Mini Snips:Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive:Tonic Tangerine Die-Cutting Machine
Check out my own range of products exclusive to CraftStash :D :D :D 
My Essential Products :D Tonic A3 Glass Cutting MatCosmic Shimmer GlueWoodware Fine Tip BottlesSpellbinders Platinum Die-Cutting Machine White A6 Card Blanks Little 8" Tonic Guillotine Big 12" Tonic GuillotineTim Holtz Mini Snips  Tiny Tonic Scissors (no serration) Tonic Funky Tape Runner White Card Double Sided Tape Ranger Mini Ink Blending ToolVersaFine Onyx Black Ink PadAnita's 3D Clear Gloss Tonic Aqua Shimmer Sparkle Pen  If any items are out of stock on CraftStash, make sure to add your e-mail to the in stock notification of that product so that CraftStash know you're interested! :D
To see the process behind this card, please watch my YouTube video below, or over on my channel CRaFTi PoTeNTiAl :D

Lots more photos below :D 

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